Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kovah 858e47df77 Corrects pay now button 2 years ago
  Kovah 6bf163811d Add setting to verify SMTP certificates (IP-471) 2 years ago
  Kovah 0453ffe002 IP-520 - Adds a setting to open reports in a new tab 2 years ago
  Kovah 3bbaa7f79a Adds another missing lang string 2 years ago
  Kovah bc8558a269 Fix typo in lang file: IP-524 2 years ago
  Kovah 229de8b70b Add a missing language line 2 years ago
  Kovah 526d67cdee IP-522 - Let guest pay invoices without having to log into the client account 2 years ago
  Kovah 6e4fb4f5d8 Adds a possible fix for IP-518 2 years ago
  Kovah 6281b0a136 Small code optimizations 2 years ago
  Kovah 0bc8b21cd9 Optimizes mailer handling and forms 2 years ago
  Kovah 1802fbb881 Moves user>client handling into separate module 2 years ago
  Kovah 1bac455985 IP-504 - Unify the interface: settings module 2 years ago
  Kovah a1e8cb1f9c IP-504 - Unify the interface: invoices module 2 years ago
  Kovah 6b77899391 IP-504 - Unify the interface: invoice groups module 2 years ago
  Kovah c70102fc0a IP-504 - Unify the interface: email templates model 2 years ago
  Kovah fb897e8168 IP-504 - Unify the interface: custom fields / values model 2 years ago
  Kovah 25d7b021cb IP-504 - Unify the interface: client model 2 years ago
  Kovah d46f94ee19 Updates gateway lang file with actual values 2 years ago
  Kovah 1da5536217 Add missing language string for password reset alert 2 years ago
  Kovah 71e618185b Merge pull request #469 from Kovah/ip-317 2 years ago
  Kovah 6afb84c4a8 IP-317 - Updates how gateway settings are saved 2 years ago
  Denys Vitali 0fdca1e6d7 Merge remote-tracking branch 'fork/v1.5.0' into v1.5.0 2 years ago
  Kovah f787e7ffab Implemented support for onsite payments with credit card (tested with Stripe), offsite payments are still missing 4 years ago
  Kovah 57a5a05b49 IP-317 - Refactored the merchant naming to online payments and extended the payment handling, @todo finish payment process 4 years ago
  Kovah 171e235e1c Adds missing language line 2 years ago
  Denys Vitali cd311bc54f Add field position 2 years ago
  Denys Vitali 0c4a558d67 Add order by 2 years ago
  Kovah 433266a300 Implements view for projects, adds dashboard panels (IP-162) 2 years ago
  Kovah 60b6cb9c53 Various improvements for the projects / tasks modules (IP-162) 2 years ago
  Kovah ce55904989 Various improvements for the projects / tasks modules (IP-162) 2 years ago