Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kovah 8ba16bf86d Adds support for random_bytes() for PHP < 7 2 years ago
  Kovah f787e7ffab Implemented support for onsite payments with credit card (tested with Stripe), offsite payments are still missing 4 years ago
  Kovah 0628fb7a48 Require Codeigniter via Composer 2 years ago
  Kovah eb84adb40b Fix the composer.json file 2 years ago
  Denys Vitali b1a56e20ac Add previously removed required module 2 years ago
  Denys Vitali a354f356f1 Fix Crypt, closes #1 2 years ago
  Kovah 0679649168 IP-494 - Update mPDF source to a IP fork, update the pdf helper 2 years ago
  Denys Vitali 1d76ab0604 Add copy at the end of invoice 2 years ago
  Denys Vitali 6f2e500a70 Partial switch to new encryption method, rm security problem 2 years ago
  Kovah 6dbc49bdda IP-484 & IP-465 - Implements usage of a configuration file, adds port for database configuration 2 years ago
  Kovah b8d47d7341 IP-455 - Fixes broken Zugferd implementation 3 years ago
  Kovah 0c535ef8ca Updates PHPMailer and thus fixes the IP-448 bug 3 years ago
  Kovah 8516d742c3 IP-444 - Update mPDF library to 6.1 and updates the gitignores 3 years ago