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Contribution Guide

Contribution to InvoicePlane

Every help is welcome, you don't have to be a professional PHP developer or SQL database engineer. If you are not familiar with PHP or coding in general you could also help us in other ways. You may also join our Slack Chat to discuss certain topics with other developers or get some help.


  • Get familiar with our Development Guidelines
  • Tools for development
  • Contributing Code

Get familiar with our Development Guidelines

We are following some strict development guidelines while developing.


Coding Standard: PSR-2


Use JShint / JSlint to check your JavaScript code and try to resolve all code issues


We use SASS only.

Contributing Code

:warning: Read this carefully to prevent your pull request to be closed!

  1. Before you submit any code to the repository please take a look at the development tracker and search for your issue!
    • If an issue exists and someone is working on it, please contact this person.
    • If an issue exists and no one is working on it, assign it to yourself or write a comment.
  2. Always reference the issue ID (e.g. IP-317) in all commits you make for this issue.
  3. Before you create a pull request, rebase from the development branch.
    • Add the development branch as a remote: git remote add ip
    • Do a rebase with the following command: git pull --rebase ip development Where ip is the name of the remote and development the branch.
    • Solve all conflicts and check if your code is still working.
  4. Submit the pull request, reference the issue ID in the title and add a meaningful description.

Please ask questions related to this process if you are unclear. Asking before doing anything may save you and us time.

Tools for development

We received some licenses for commercial development tools you can use if you want. Please contact use at to get the license / access as we can't publish them here.

  • JetBrains PhpStorm (PHP IDE)
  • eMail Testing Solution

The name 'InvoicePlane' and the InvoicePlane logo are both copyright by and and their usage is restricted! For more information visit