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InvoicePlane v1 Development Guide

If you want to help developing InvoicePlane you need to prepare InvoicePlane for working with it as huge parts of the application are missing in the source code and need to be downloaded and compiled.
If you have any questions, feel free to join the #development channel in our Slack Chat.

Please read the Contribution Guide before starting to work on the app.

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  • Prepare your machine for InvoicePlane
  • Setup InvoicePlane
  • Developing with Vagrant

Prepare your machine for InvoicePlane

The following tasks need to be accomplished before starting to work on and with InvoicePlane:

  • Composer is installed
  • Node.js and NPM are installed (Stable version is recommended)
  • The grunt-cli package is installed globally via NPM

Setup InvoicePlane

The following steps are required to make InvoicePlane runnable:

  • Make a copy of the ipconfig.php.example file and rename the copy to ipconfig.php.
  • Run composer install.
  • Run npm install.
  • Run grunt build.

Then point your webserver to the InvoicePlane directory. That's it.

Developing with Vagrant


Download the following to setup the InvoicePlane VM. Please note: the VM is for development purposes only.

You should be able to navigate to your local though by doing www.invoiceplane.local

On the setup screen specify localhost, root, blank password, invoiceplane as the database configuration.

Note: When the VM is booted you can change the php.ini file to setup xdebug or other preferences.

Ask questions! Please ask questions related to this process if you are unclear.

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