Case Study: Marvin Fessler
Fessler's Nursery, Woodburn, OR
Irrigation Efficiency and Reduced Labor

The Challenge

Fessler's Nursery wanted to expand their production space to meet their ever-growing market demand. However, they also needed to provide the highest quality product, with the lowest labor cost, all the while maintaining their earth-friendly business practices.

The BioTherm Solution

BioTherm Cascade Floors are the most efficient method of sub-irrigation. Water is pumped to individual irrigation zones, where a thin skim of water evenly irrigates every plant as it flows from the fill side to the drain side of the zone.

How It Works

Cascade Floors use a unidirectional slope which allows gravity to drain the system. Because the system fills and drains simultaneously, water is available for same-cycle use. These design features allow for a faster irrigation cycle with less energy expended for pumping. Reduced labor and water conservation are additional benefits of a BioTherm Cascade Floor.

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