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-Reti Chess
-A lightweight, real-time chess app built in [Node](, [Express](, [Socket.IO](, [React](, [Flux]( and [Immutable]( Reti Chess also uses [chess.js]( for move validation and check/mate/draw detection.
+My fork of [Reti-Chess](
+Built with [Node](, [Express](, [Socket.IO](, [React](, [Flux]( and [Immutable](, and [chess.js](
-You can play the game on [](
-The app is no longer being developed.
-It works with node v4, but many things are outdated (it uses react 0.13.1 and mixins, no hot reloading, etc.)
-If you want to run it locally (with node **v4.2**):
-* Clone the repo
-* Install dependencies
 npm install
-# create empty logfile for winston logger
 mkdir logs
 touch logs/games.log
-* Run the server
 npm start
-* Preferred way is to run the server with nodemon
+- with nodemon
 npm install -g nodemon # if you don't have nodemon installed yet
 export NODE_ENV=development
 nodemon bin/www
-* If you want to recompile static assets when you save a file
+- recompile static assets on save
 npm run build
-* Running tests
+- tests
 npm test
-* App will run on **localhost:8888**
-Available under [the MIT License (MIT)](./
+Available under [the MIT License (MIT)](./