Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Taylor Otwell c09519f547 formatting 1 year ago
  Matthias Niess 5f7decfff1 introduce sqlite foreign_key_constraints config option 1 year ago
  Laurence Ioannou 15dac2a961 Update database.php 1 year ago
  Barry vd. Heuvel c3b99e971c Use seperate cache DB for Redis 1 year ago
  Frederik Sauer bdca9d4781 Added port to sqlsrv settings 2 years ago
  Hélio 94b39dc576 Fix the commit for pass StyleCI 2 years ago
  Hélio e26bd3ffb0 Add sqlsrv as group connection 2 years ago
  Brent Shaffer a812983d0b Adds socket to config/database.php for consistency 3 years ago
  Taylor Otwell 770c41552f Remove fetch mode option. 3 years ago
  Graham Campbell 36875bb98e Merge branch 'master' into develop 3 years ago
  Taylor Otwell 45b779f807 cluster option not needed anymore 3 years ago
  Damien Criado 7d4115f0ca Fix `AUTH` failed: ERR Client sent AUTH 3 years ago
  Taylor Otwell c803ff1caa revert broken PR 3 years ago
  Taylor Otwell 8182b99112 Applied fixes from StyleCI 3 years ago
  Loki Else 69df2ada11 Support predis v1.1.1 3 years ago
  Diogo Azevedo 9ca8ed9960 Update the default redis host 3 years ago
  Roberto Aguilar fd42e10a5f Changes localhost to in database config 3 years ago
  Taylor Otwell 9d01389ce3 use utf8mb4 as default character set 3 years ago
  Taylor Otwell d880fb5f85 no need for env 3 years ago
  Till Krüss 54ee465deb Added `database.redis.client` configuration 3 years ago
  vlakoff 07c95968b7 Use proper PDO fetch style 3 years ago
  Jorge González 8fc0df14bb Add "sslmode" setting for PostgreSQL connection 3 years ago
  Adam14Four f237656c68 Enabled MySQL "strict" mode by default 3 years ago
  Matthias Niess eb7743f577 allow for setting sqlite database via env 3 years ago
  Taylor Otwell ec0e06e783 cleaning up configs 3 years ago
  TGM 8dbd26020a Replaced TAB with space 3 years ago
  TGM 9fc55e8464 Added DB_PORT as a default enviroment variable 3 years ago
  david-ridgeonnet 89d693b5e6 Added default engine in configuration 4 years ago
  Taylor Otwell 8c27cb56d0 default to null 4 years ago
  Taylor Otwell 4fba29c0ec fix problems 4 years ago