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  Taylor Otwell bc435e7fdd Update .gitignore 10 months ago
  Taylor Otwell 4da373d6b2 Merge pull request #4870 from driesvints/update-changelog 10 months ago
  Dries Vints af2b3b18e9 Update changelog 10 months ago
  Taylor Otwell b926f2e114 Merge pull request #4866 from driesvints/add-starts-with-rule 10 months ago
  Taylor Otwell 7adea122a5 Merge pull request #4867 from ajthinking/patch-1 10 months ago
  Anders Jürisoo c9046b2291 Fixed mixed up comment order 11 months ago
  Dries Vints 78cb2685aa Add language entry for starts_with rule 11 months ago
  Taylor Otwell 2a483bbf60 Merge pull request #4865 from eugenesaenko/patch-1 11 months ago
  Dries Vints 3f09521d01 Merge pull request #4861 from unstoppablecarl/middleware-priority-comment 11 months ago
  saen 8d41230c84 Update 11 months ago
  saen f724d676db Fix typo and add label to breaking change. 11 months ago
  Taylor Otwell fcb7d35730 Merge pull request #4863 from staudenmeir/validation 11 months ago
  Jonas Staudenmeir 5052ab1fd7 Add date_equals validation message 11 months ago
  Taylor Otwell 03ac80b779 change variable name 11 months ago
  Taylor Otwell 071a05bd76 use env superglobal 11 months ago
  Taylor Otwell ac8e6fb124 Merge branch 'master' of 11 months ago
  Taylor Otwell 5ea6fe18a8 add env variable for compiled view path 11 months ago
  Carl Olsen 6d75f17af5 Update Kernel.php 11 months ago
  Taylor Otwell 6806aaa356 Merge pull request #4856 from localheinz/feature/composer-normalize 11 months ago
  Andreas Möller 3128c2932f Enhancement: Normalize composer.json 11 months ago
  Dries Vints ed7b78de46 Typo 11 months ago
  Taylor Otwell b88d8fd18f formatting 11 months ago
  Graham Campbell 7d16a052ab Fixed comment alignment 11 months ago
  Sébastien Nikolaou 546720c041 Pick `log_channel` from environment variable 11 months ago
  Sébastien Nikolaou 822dcafe48 Add `log_channel` configuration option 11 months ago
  Taylor Otwell de1f472d76 Merge branch 'master' of 11 months ago
  Taylor Otwell 63a4039123 add asset url configuration option 11 months ago
  Taylor Otwell a2c8df54f7 Merge pull request #4854 from aryehraber/patch-1 11 months ago
  Aryeh Raber 52cedb64b1 Clean up 11 months ago
  Taylor Otwell dc3e768d4c Merge pull request #4853 from aryehraber/patch-2 11 months ago