Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Michael Mano fe38ac2b0c Update vue version to 2.5.17 1 year ago
  Taylor Otwell 0c62780402 fix conflicts 1 year ago
  Andy Hinkle e2d44a5115 Upgrade Lodash because of Security Vulnerability 1 year ago
  Taylor Otwell f619d4f7c2 Merge branch 'develop' of into develop 1 year ago
  wuweixin 5fc9adaa3f a-z order 1 year ago
  refael iliaguyev b51c038ff2 Simplify the npm watch command 1 year ago
  Nikolay Nizruhin ba16736d3c Update axios 1 year ago
  Taylor Otwell ecfd939ff2 Merge branch 'master' into develop 1 year ago
  Nikolay Nizruhin c4258e2b48 Update laravel-mix 1 year ago
  Taylor Otwell 0178fd8921 update bootstrap 1 year ago
  tomhorvat 424070a401 Update bootstrap version 1 year ago
  Mohamed Said 4be558ac65 switch to bootstrap4 1 year ago
  Miguel Piedrafita c2259a2b97 Upgrade Vue 2 years ago
  Gabriel Caruso 1603f7804d Updated cross-env in package.json 2 years ago
  Gabriel Caruso 273a2e76a6 Update jquery in package.json 2 years ago
  Nikolay Nizruhin 6c03688d26 Update axios 2 years ago
  Michael Dyrynda 8b990b27b5 Don't show progress for production run command 2 years ago
  Andrew Miller 0baa2e7794 Change indent for package.json from 2 to 4 spaces 2 years ago
  Lucas Michot 436581afd2 Upgrade axios and cross-env. 2 years ago
  Olav van Schie b9ca228f86 Require Laravel Mix 1.0 2 years ago
  Roberto Aguilar e42ce3eae9 DRY some npm scripts 2 years ago
  Morva Kristóf 3335525431 NPM scripts should support Windows 2 years ago
  Taylor Otwell f5b68b1fc5 Update package.json 2 years ago
  Michael Dyrynda f19a2f206a Provide consistency with NPM scripts 2 years ago
  Mohamed Said b19f4e8308 require laravel-mix v0.* 2 years ago
  Kouceyla 29db165c6a Upgrade laravel-mix to 0.8.3 2 years ago
  Dries Vints 65c4d16d04 Do not use full paths 2 years ago
  Dries Vints f0374e4fe6 Add cross-env as a dependency and update paths 2 years ago
  Kristoffer Eklund df1f0f912a Fix cross-env bin path 2 years ago
  Kristoffer Eklund eab39557ac Fix cross-env bin path 2 years ago