Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Roberto Aguilar c40701e3da Sort phpunit environment variables alphabetically 1 year ago
  Chris Kankiewicz 1eb13c8600 Updated QUEUE_DRIVER env var to QUEUE_CONNECTION in phpunit.xml 1 year ago
  Martin Heraleck√Ĺ b23f77fa60 delete trailing whitespace in phpunit.xml 1 year ago
  Benedikt Franke 769dc6b96b Switch execution order of testsuites, unit tests first 1 year ago
  Roberto Aguilar dc320c8942 Set bcrypt rounds using the hashing config 1 year ago
  Melek REBAI c53e15ab96 Set MAIL_DRIVER to array in phpunit.xml 1 year ago
  Taylor Otwell d0ce75926f Merge branch 'master' into develop 2 years ago
  Alexander Diachenko 6ad4df5c5a Simplify test suite names 2 years ago
  Josh Manders d00fdbcd1b Fix phpunit. 2 years ago
  Taylor Otwell 08eefbcc11 Organize tests. 3 years ago
  Egor Talantsev 288e361aff Remove removed routes file 3 years ago
  Graham Campbell 28ea52d10b Fixed up the phpunit config 3 years ago
  Martins Sipenko 8ac73d90f2 Removed unused option 4 years ago
  Martins Sipenko 19e97fc9db Added whitelist to remove warning for upcoming phpunit 4.8 4 years ago
  Laurence Ioannou c4635187c7 Update phpunit.xml 5 years ago
  Taylor Otwell 48d1a0ce36 working on some configuration changes. 5 years ago
  Taylor Otwell 4301348646 Large refactor of HTTP and Console stack. 5 years ago
  crynobone e084583077 Move PHPUnit to require-dev and fixes directory references to tests. 5 years ago
  Graham Campbell 753370615e Minor cs fixes 6 years ago
  Taylor Otwell 9d3c3ea038 tweak how autoloaders are called. adjust phpunit bootstrap. 7 years ago
  Taylor Otwell 5d99f9f1d6 moving laravel 4 into develop branch. 7 years ago
  Franz Liedke 7e11bb7431 Delete phpunit.xml file. 7 years ago
  Taylor Otwell 4e21cfce39 Fixing a double slash bug in URL generation with languages. add tests. 7 years ago
  Taylor Otwell 70f586281f removing tests and vendor. 8 years ago
  Taylor Otwell 9eabd73b64 <auto> merging hotfixes. re-added tests into repository. 8 years ago
  Taylor Otwell 8b4c17a8b6 <auto> removed unit tests from repository. 8 years ago
  Taylor Otwell 59ae60d287 fixing release script. 8 years ago
  Taylor Otwell 1d9a794fcd remove tests. 8 years ago
  Taylor Otwell 15fe1d5258 added tests to develop branch. 8 years ago
  Taylor Otwell f706ed75bf made testing elegant. 8 years ago