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How to report a bug

Read the following before reporting a bug on GitHub:

  1. Update Lychee to the newest version
  2. Update your browser to the newest version
  3. Take a look in the FAQ
  4. Check if someone has already reported the same bug

When reporting a bug on GitHub, make sure you include the following information:

  • Detailed description of the problem
  • How to reproduce the issue (step-by-step)
  • What you have already tried
  • Output of the diagnostics (plugins/Diagnostics/index.php)
  • Browser and system version
  • Attach files when you have problems which specific photos

Coding Guidelines

Check if there are branches newer than master. Always fork the newest available branch.

Please follow the conventions already established in the code.

  • Spacing:
    Use tabs for indentation. Spaces for alignment.

  • Naming:
    Keep variable and method names concise and descriptive.

  • Quotes:
    Single-quoted strings are preferred to double-quoted strings

  • Comments:
    Please use single-line comments to annotate significant additions. Use // for comments in PHP, JS and CSS.

Merge your changes when the forked branch has been updated in the meanwhile. Make sure your code is 100% working before creating a Pull-Request on GitHub.