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Released March 20, 2017

  • Fixed Downloading a SmartAlbum results in crash (#652)
  • Fixed htaccess IfModule for PHP7 (#653)


Released October 25, 2016

  • New Hide mouse pointer in full screen mode (#620)
  • Improved Smoothing rotation of album (#626)


Released August 28, 2016

  • Fixed Search stopped working because of an undefined index error (#605)
  • Fixed Better next/previous photo check to prevent an error when opening an album with only one photo


Released August 22, 2016

  • Improved rotate and flip images with GD based on EXIF orientation (Thanks @qligier, #600)
  • Improved enter/leave fullscreen-mode by (not) moving the mouse for one second (Thanks @hrniels, #583)
  • Improved Prefetch the medium photo instead of the big one (Thanks @Bramas, #446)
  • Improved Added "session" to required extensions (#579)
  • Improved Added warning if Imagick is not installed/enabled (Thanks @hrniels, #590)
  • Fixed Don't assume that gd_info exists when running diagnostics (Thanks @hrniels, #589 #565)
  • Fixed Sidebar showing up in smart albums when navigating back from the photo-view


Released June 12, 2016

  • Improved Added indexes to SQL fields to improve query execution time (Thanks @qligier, #533)
  • Improved Protocol-relative URLs for open graph metadata (#546)
  • Improved Remove metadata from medium-sized images and thumbnails (Imagick only) (#556)
  • Improved Reduce quality of medium-sized images (Imagick only) (#556)
  • Improved orientation-handling with Imagick (#556)


Released April 30, 2016

  • New share button when logged out (#473)
  • New Import of IPTC photo tags (Thanks @qligier, #514)
  • New Added reset username and password to FAQ (#500 #128)
  • Improved Removed will-change from the main image to improve the image rendering in Chrome (#501)
  • Improved scroll and rendering performance by removing will-change
  • Improved Open Facebook and Twitter sharing sheet in new window
  • Improved EXIF and IPTC extraction (Thanks @qligier, #518)
  • Fixed broken URL in (#516)
  • Fixed error 500 on database connect error (Thanks @tribut, #530)


Released March 29, 2016

Warning: It's no longer possible to update from Lychee versions older than 2.7.

Warning: Plugins which use the plugin API of Lychee must be updated to work with the new back-end.

Notice: It's no longer possible to edit the thumb quality in the database.

Notice: It's no longer possible to disable the creation of medium-sized photos when Imagick is installed on the system.

This updates includes a huge rewrite of the back-end. We are now using namespaces and the singleton pattern for Settings::get(), Database::get() and Plugins::get(). Everything is way better documented thanks to PHPDoc comments. Ugly # comments have been replaced with the more known //. Unused functions are gone and returns are more strict. We also added a handy module to output messages. Failed database updates and invalid queries will be saved to the log.

  • New Empty titles for albums
  • New Share albums as hidden so they are only viewable with a direct link (#27)
  • New Log failed and successful login attempts (Thanks @qligier, #382 #246)
  • Improved error messages and log output
  • Improved The search shows albums above photos (#434)
  • Improved Album id now based on the current microtime (#27)
  • Improved Back-end modules and plugins
  • Improved Database connect function and update mechanism
  • Improved Default photo title now "Untitled"
  • Improved Move to next photo after after moving a picture (#437)
  • Improved Return to album overview when canceling album password input
  • Improved URL import now accepts photo URLs containing "?" and ":" (Thanks @qligier, #482)
  • Improved Replaced date by strftime to simplify date translations (Thanks @qligier, #461)
  • Fixed Missing icons in Safari 9.1
  • Fixed duplicate uploads (Thanks @qligier, #433)
  • Fixed incorrect escaping when using backslashes
  • Fixed session_start() after sending headers (#433)
  • Fixed error when deleting last open photo in album
  • Fixed Photo sometimes not loading when visiting directly
  • Fixed Move album, merge album and switch album/photo menus no longer show empty titles for untitled albums/photos


Released January 10, 2016

  • Improved Disabled dragging for thumbnails
  • Improved Avoided unnecessary devicePixelRatio checks by using srcset for all thumbnails
  • Improved Avoided devicePixelRatio check by using srcset for the imageview image
  • Improved Don't show log and system information when logged out (Thanks @Bramas, #421)
  • Fixed Swipe-gestures on mobile devices


Released December 20, 2015

  • Improved Lychee update site now with SSL (#317)
  • Improved Set undefined vars, remove unused vars and code that cannot be reached (Thanks @mattsches, #435)


Released November 15, 2015

  • Internal changes and updated dependencies
  • New PHP-version-check now requires PHP >= 5.5
  • New Preloading of big photos (#185)


Released September 13, 2015

  • Improved Share photo now shares view.php link (#392)
  • Fixed Incorrect error messages for failed uploads (#393)
  • Fixed XSS issues and escaping problems
  • Fixed Broken "Download album" when album has an ampersand in the password (#356)


Released August 9, 2015

  • Fixed view.php not displaying photos


Released July 17, 2015

  • Improved Removed bower and updated basicModal & basicContext
  • Improved Small interface performance improvements
  • Improved Updated all JS-files to take advantage of ES2015
  • Improved Better error-handling for the Dropbox-, URL- and Server-Import
  • Improved Added skipDuplicates- and identifier-check to the diagnostics
  • Fixed error when using "Merge All" with one selected album
  • Fixed error when saving username and password after the initial setup
  • Fixed Clicks not recognized when using a mouse on a touchscreen-device (#345)


Released June 28, 2015


Released June 13, 2015

  • Improved Permission errors are now easier to understand (#351)
  • Improved Escape data from database before inserting into view.php
  • Fixed PHP-version-check now requires PHP >= 5.3 like written in the docs


Released May 24, 2015

  • New Album Sorting (Thanks @ophian, #98)
  • New Identifier to prevent login of multiple Lychee-instances (#344)
  • Improved Albums and photos now can have a title with up to 50 chars (#332)
  • Fixed Removing last Tag from photo not possible in Firefox (#269)


Released May 6, 2015

Warning: You need to enter a new username and password when upgrading from a previous version. Your installation is accessible for everyone till you enter a new login by visiting your Lychee. Both fields are now stored in a secure way. Legacy md5 code has been removed.

Warning: Upgrading from a previous version will set all public albums to private. Passwords are now stored in a secure way. Legacy md5 code has been removed.

Warning: We recommend to backup your database and photos before upgrading to the newest version.

Deprecated: Photos uploaded with Lychee v1.1 or older aren't supported anymore. Thumbnails fail to load on high-res screens.

  • New Redesigned interface, icons and symbols
  • New Rewritten Front-End
  • New Dialog system now based on basicModal
  • New Context-menus now based on basicContext
  • New Edit the sharing options of a public album
  • New Quickly switch between albums and photos by clicking the title in the header
  • New Renamed API functions
  • New Merge albums (Thanks @rhurling, #340, #341, #166)
  • New iPhone 6 Homescreen icon
  • Improved Performance of animations
  • Improved Prevent download of deleted albums/photos
  • Improved Opening a private photo when logged out now shows an error
  • Improved Reduced attribute changes to improve performance
  • Improved Interact with the content while the sidebar stays open
  • Improved Username and password now stored in a safer way
  • Improved Album passwords now stored in a safer way
  • Improved Don't refresh albums when password-input canceled by user
  • Improved Additional Open Graph Metadata (#299)
  • Improved Check allow_url_fopen (#302)
  • Fixed Prevent ctrl+a from selecting the sidebar (#230)
  • Fixed Removed unused scrolling bars in FF (#316, #289)

And much moreā€¦


Released April 13, 2015

  • Fixed Prevented remote code execution of photos imported using "Import from URL" (Thanks Segment S.r.l)
  • Fixed Stopped view.php from returning data of private photos


Released January 26, 2015

  • Improved auto-login after first installation
  • Fixed Disabled import of the medium-folder
  • Fixed error when using apostrophes in text #290
  • Fixed $medium is now a tinyint like defined in the database structure
  • Fixed incorrect height calculation for photos
  • Fixed creation of test db #295
  • Fixed a warning caused by set_charset #291


Released December 6, 2014

  • New Intermediate sized images for small screen devices #67
  • New Added Docker help (@renfredxh, #252)
  • New Move-Photo context shows album previews
  • Improved Upload shows server-errors
  • Improved Improved thumb creation
  • Improved Docker (@renfredxh, #252)
  • Improved CSS has been rewritten partly
  • Improved Front-end has been rewritten partly #245
  • Improved Folder- and code-structure has been updated
  • Improved Context-menu now based on basicContext #245
  • Fixed OpenGraph image too big for some sites #69
  • Fixed Wrong sizes after EXIF rotation
  • Fixed Returning to 'Albums' after searching failed
  • Fixed Move-Photo not scrollable #215


Released October 10, 2014

  • New Caching for albums (Thanks @r0x0r, #232)
  • New Save scroll position of albums (Thanks @r0x0r, #232)
  • New Added Dockerfile (@renfredxh, #236)
  • Improved Newest album on the top (Thanks @r0x0r, #232)
  • Fixed Login in private mode (Safari)
  • Fixed Drag & Drop with open photo
  • Fixed Wrong modified date of the photo files
  • Fixed Search function always returned all photos (Thanks @powentan, #234)


Released September 12, 2014

  • New Select all albums/photos with cmd+a or ctrl+a
  • New Detect duplicates and only save one file (#48)
  • New Duplicate photos (#186)
  • New Added contributing guide
  • New Database table prefix for multiple Lychee installations (#196)
  • Improved Use IPTC Title when Headline not available (#216)
  • Improved Diagnostics are showing system information
  • Improved Harden against SQL injection attacks (#38)
  • Fixed a problem with htmlentities and older PHP versions (#212)


Released August 22, 2014

  • New Support for IE >= 11 (#148)
  • New Choose if public album is downloadable or not (#191)
  • Improved Albums gradient overlay is less harsh (#200)


Released August 16, 2014

  • New Rewritten and redesigned Uploader (#101)
  • New Custom server-import directory (#187)
  • New Plugin documentation
  • Improved Database and installation process (#202 #195)
  • Improved "No public albums" now easier to read (#205)
  • Fixed Don't show EXIF info when not available (#194)


Released July 25, 2014

  • New Choose if album should be listed public (#177)
  • New Gulp instead of Grunt with autoprefixer
  • Improved Slightly better performance when opening big albums
  • Improved Checksum with sha1 instead of md5 (#179)
  • Fixed Missing public badge on public albums
  • Fixed Wrong path for public photos in view.php
  • Fixed Wrong link to thumbs when searching
  • Fixed Wrong date in album view when takestamp was null
  • Fixed It wasn't possible to rename albums while searching
  • Fixed It was possible to right-click on SmartAlbums after searching


Released July 5, 2014

  • New Smart Album "Recent"
  • New Checksum of photo in database (#48)
  • New Show takedate in photo-overlay (when available)
  • Improved Permission check when running with the same UID (#174)


Released June 24, 2014

  • New Swipe gestures on mobile devices
  • New Plugin-System
  • New Rewritten Back-End
  • New Support for ImageMagick (thanks @bb-Ricardo)
  • New Logging-System
  • New Blowfish hash instead of MD5 for all new passwords (thanks @bb-Ricardo)
  • New Compile Lychee using Grunt (with npm and bower)
  • New Open full photo without making the photo public
  • Improved Shortcuts
  • Improved Album share dialog
  • Improved Database update mechanism
  • Improved Download photos with correct title (thanks @bb-Ricardo)
  • Improved EXIF parsing
  • Improved URL and Server import (thanks @djdallmann)
  • Improved Check permissions on upload
  • Fixed Wrong capture date in Infobox
  • Fixed Sorting by takedate


Released March 20, 2014

  • New Delete albums with cmd + backspace
  • New Using iOS 7.1 minimal-ui
  • Improved Faster loading of single photos
  • Improved Faster and snappier animations
  • Improved Better dialog when clearing Unsorted
  • Fixed Warning when uploading images without EXIF-Data
  • Fixed Close upload on error


Released March 4, 2014

Important: You need to reenter your database credentials and set the correct rights for data/, when updating from a previous version.

  • New Multi-select (#32)
  • New Multi-folder import from server (#47)
  • New Tagging (#5)
  • New Import of original image name (#39)
  • New Makefile
  • Improved Upload-process
  • Improved Documentation
  • Improved Overlay for photos
  • Fixed Dropbox import (#84)
  • Fixed Wrong login or password annotation (#71)
  • Fixed Escaping issue (#89)
  • Moved Config now located in data/


Released February 26, 2014

  • Critical security fix
  • Notifications for Chrome


Released January 30, 2014

  • Clear search button (#62)
  • Speed improvements (#57)
  • Show tooltip when album/photo title too long (#66)
  • Fixed php notices
  • Avoid empty downloads in empty albums (#56)
  • Correct position of upload modal on mobile devices
  • Improved security


Released January 24, 2014

  • Share > Direct Link
  • Download individual images (Issue #43)
  • ContextMenu stays within the window (Issue #41)
  • Prevent default ContextMenu (Issue #45)
  • Small ContextMenu improvements
  • Small security improvements


Released January 22, 2014

  • All new redefined interface
  • Faster animations and transitions
  • Import from Dropbox
  • Import from Server
  • Download public albums
  • Several sorting options
  • Installation assistant
  • Infobox and description for albums
  • Faster loading and improved performance
  • Better file handling and upload
  • Album covers are chosen intelligent
  • Prettier URLs
  • Massive changes under the hood
  • IPTC support (Headline and Caption)
  • EXIF Orientation support