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  57. <h4 class="trajan">William H. Nicholson, Sr.</h4>
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  59. <p>William H. Nicholson, Sr. was born in Edgefield County on December 11, 1879. He was educated at South Carolina College (now University of South Carolina) where he graduated in 1902. For two years he taught and worked as a surveyor’s assistant.
  60. He moved to Greenwood to practice law in 1904.</p>
  61. <p>
  62. Mr. Nicholson was a member of the House of Representatives for Greenwood County from 1908 to 1914. He introduced the first bill to provide state aid for poor school districts, and he was co-author of the first marriage law passed in South Carolina.</p>
  63. <p>Mr. Nicholson was a member of the State Senate from Greenwood County for 14 years. As Senator, his primary accomplishment was the sponsorship of the Buzzard’s Roost project leading to the creation of Lake Greenwood. He was one of the attorneys appearing in the United States Supreme Court when Duke Power Company brought suit to prevent the Buzzard’s Roost project. Mr. Nicholson practiced law vigorously, being well known as a criminal defense attorney.</p>
  64. <p>Mr. Nicholson was active in agriculture, operating for many years a farm and dairy of 500 acres in the Mount Moriah section of Greenwood County. He was a member of the Building Committee for erection of Main Street United Methodist Church in 1917.</p>
  65. <p>He was active as an officer of the church and as a Sunday School teacher. He spoke with enthusiasm both in Court and in Sunday School and let the rafters ring. He was still in the law office where he practiced with his two sons, William H. Nicholson, Jr. and Francis Nicholson, until the year of his death in 1966. Francis Nicholson was also a County Senator, and William H. Nicholson, Jr. served terms in the South Carolina House of Representatives.</p>
  66. <p>Ed Chaffin, former editor of The Index Journal, who followed him from court to court and took issue with him on many matters, wrote this about him: "A colorful figure in county and state affairs has passed from the local scene with the death of William H. Nicholson – a link with the past was broken with his death last night at the age of 86. In any history of this County, his name will loom large." He died October 6, 1966</p>
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  69. <h4 class="trajan">William H. Nicholson, Jr.</h4>
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  71. <p>William H. Nicholson, Jr., was born in 1918 and graduated from the University of South Carolina in 1942 and the University's Law School in 1943.</p>
  72. <p>He served several terms in the South Carolina House of Representatives. He joined his father, W. H. Nicholson, Sr., in the law firm of Nicholson & Nicholson in 1942.</p>
  73. <p>He practiced in the areas of criminal defense, civil litigation, family court, and probate. He retired from the firm in December of 2004.</p>
  74. <p>Bar Admissions: South Carolina, 1943</p>
  75. <p>Education:
  76. University of South Carolina School of Law, Columbia, South Carolina, 1943
  77. University of South Carolina, 1942</p>
  78. <p>Past Employment Positions: South Carolina House of Representatives</p>
  79. <p>Birth Information:
  80. 1918</p>
  81. <p></p>
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  84. <h4 class="trajan">Judge Francis B. Nicholson</h4>
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  86. <p>Francis B. Nicholson was born September 26, 1929. He graduated from Wofford College in 1950 and George Washington University in 1952. He was as assistant professor at Stetson University College of Law from 1954 to 1956.</p>
  87. <p>Mr. Nicholson married Margaret Phillips on December 29, 1957 and they had two children, Stephen B. Nicholson and Mary Lynn N. Carson.</p>
  88. <p>He was a member of the South Carolina Senate from 1960 to 1966. Mr. Nicholson joined the practice with his father, W. H. Nicholson, Sr. in 1956, and practiced with him and his brother, W. H. Nicholson, Jr. until he was elected Judge of the Eighth Circuit on February 22, 1967. He served in this capacity for 17 years until his death.</p>
  89. <p>In the summer of 1968, Judge Nicholson attended the National College of State Trial Judges in Reno, Nevada. He returned there in the summer of 1971 as faculty advisor.</p>
  90. <p>Of great significance to his life and family was his commitment to Jesus Christ in November 1970. His relationship with Christ enabled him to face certain death with peace and strength that brought comments from medical professionals who were closest to his case.</p>
  91. <p>Francis Nicholson died on November 11, 1984.</p>
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  94. <h4 class="trajan">James P. Anderson, Jr.</h4>
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  96. <p>James P. Anderson, Jr. is a native of Greenwood, South Carolina and attended public schools there. He graduated from Wofford College in 1966 and from the University of South Carolina School of Law in 1969. Following graduation from law school, Mr. Anderson served in the Judge Advocate Generals Corps of the United States Army from 1969 through 1973, including one year in the Republic of Viet Nam. In 1973 Mr. Anderson returned to Greenwood and has lived in the Greenwood Community since that time. He is a lifelong member of Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church, serving in many capacities, including Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Pastor Parish Staff Relations Committee, Church Administrative Council, Finance Committee, and others. He was a member and Chairman of the Education Enrichment Foundation of Greenwood County and Adjunct Professor at Lander University, teaching business law. He is also a member and current Chairman of the Greenwood Community Children’s Center.</p>
  97. <p>In his leisure time, Mr. Anderson enjoys the outdoors, particularly hunting and mountain bike riding, and for many years was an avid tennis player. Mr. Anderson, with his wife and family, has traveled extensively in this country as well as Canada, Great Britain, Italy, Greece, Romania, Hungary, China, Panama, and Peru. He is also an avid reader.</p>
  98. <p>Mr. Anderson has been in the active practice of law in South Carolina from 1973 to the present. He serves as Chairman of the South Carolina Bar Resolution of Fee Disputes Board for the Eighth Judicial Circuit in South Carolina and is a member of the Executive Council of the statewide organization. He joined the law firm of Nicholson, Meredith and Anderson, LLC in 1989.</p>
  99. <p>Mr. Anderson practices in the areas of Family Court, Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, Social Security Disability, Estate Planning, and Probate. 60% of his practice is devoted to litigation.</p>
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