HDX is an ultra-high molecular weight resin of high density polyethylene.

BioTherm HDX (high density extrusion) is our durable polyethylene tubing solution commonly used for in slab and floor heating. Manufactured from a ultra-high molecular weight resin, HDX tubing is extremely tough and meets stringent ASTM testing standards for quality. It's made from a distinct red color, so you know you are getting true HDX tubing. Also offered is our GreenPEX with E-Beam cross-linking for increased durability, commonly used in institutional environments, available with or without oxygen barrier.


1/2" 3/4"
Material: HD 2007 High Density Polyethylene HD 2007 High Density Polyethylene
HDX Color: Terra-cotta Terra-cotta
Pipe Size: 1/2" 3/4"
Nominal O.D.: .625" .875"
Nominal I.D.: .485" .681"
Minimum Wall Thickness: .07" .097"
Weight per 100 feet: 5.5 lbs 10.6 lbs
Standard Coil Length:td> 1000 ft 500 ft
Standard Coil Diameter: 16", ID inches 20", ID inches
Printing: Ft BioTherm 1/2" HDX Tubing (Date)(Time) Ft BioTherm 3/4" HDX Tubing (Date)(Time)
Pressure Rating: 180 psi @ 180° F (82 C) 180 psi @ 180° F (82 C)
Flow Rate: .0092 gal/ft. .0184 gal/ft.
Normal Operating Temp.: 140°F (60 C) 140°F (60 C)
Meets ASTM Material Specification D 3350

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