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Proven Paths to Learning

Handbook of Effective Instructional Strategies

This book is based on the analysis of over 4500 separate and distinct research articles.

$155.00 (includes sh/h)

$79.00 (E-Book)

Pass That Test

Pass That Test

A Guide to Successful Test Taking

7" X 10" paperback.
120 pages

$27.45 (includes sh/h)

pass that math test

Pass That Math Test

Success with PRAXIS, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, GED, and State Exit Examinations

7" X 10" paperback
269 pages

$37.45 (includes sh/h)


Effective Instruction

A Handbook of Evidence-Based Strategies

21 Instructional Strategies scientifically proven to be effective.

7" X 9" hardcover
840 pages

  • Overview
  • $145.00 (includes sh/h)


    Educators' Handbook on Effective Testing

    How to select, construct, and defend the tests you use.

    7" X 10" hardcover
    912 pages

    $135.00 (includes sh/h)


    Ensuring Student Success

    A Handbook of Evidence-Based Strategies

    Prescriptions that increase student achievement

    7" X 10" hardcover
    259 pages

    $89.95 (includes sh/h)

    no school

    No School Left Behind

    How To Increase Student Achievement

    Educational reform explained for school board members and parents

    $23.90 (includes sh/h)

    Developing Teaching Effectiveness

    7" X 9" paperback
    202 pages (book)
    68 pages (manual)

    $45.75 (includes sh/h)


    $23.20 (includes sh/h)

    Instructor's Manual

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